iOS8 broke my iPad 2 – Update 21 Apple IP’s visiting the blog again

Seems Apple are paying me a visit

Seems Apple are paying me a visit

Well it would seem that people at Apple’s Cupertino Campus are still visiting my blog, 6 hits in the past 3 weeks.

Maybe someone is taking an interest in what I have to say, very unlikely as they are still not replying to my emails about FOC Out of Warranty repairs given to some customers and others have to pay.

Anyway I’m still emailing Shane at Apple Customer Service and tweeting @Tim_Cook hoping that they might actually reply.

Be a shame if they didn’t after all the effort I’ve put in finding email addresses and contact details for the various people at Apple.

The way I feel about Apple and their Customer Service and treatment of customers with concerns to consistency makes me just want to take all my Apple products into my local Apple Store and just dump them all on the floor in a pile with a “Dear John” explaining why the 12 year relationship we had is over . . .  thing is I’m guessing they’d have a charge for that as well (Out of Love Warranty Charge).

All of this because upgrading to ios8 broke my iPad 2 . .  never again . . .

p.s. If one of these IP Addresses happens to be yours Mr Cook, apologies for annoying you on twitter, but what else am I to do when Customer Services continue to ignore me and won’t give me an answer to my question : Why do some Out of Warranty Customer get FOC replacement/repairs and others don’t ?  – Simple question