iOS8 Broke my iPad2 – Update No 5


What I would like to say to the folk at Apple

What I would like to say to the folk at Apple


Well had my conversation with Ben the Senior Technical Specialist, who’s informed me that they can not find any iOS faults in the new crash log, which now means that it is according to them a Hardware fault, though they can not tell me what hardware has failed because it they can’t see that in the crash logs . .

Now wait a minute didn’t they originally tell me that they needed the crash logs as this would give them information which would tell them whether it was a software or a hardware fault ?  and didn’t they also tell me after they had read these logs that it was a software issue and the iOS update should resolve the issues ?

Oh and lets not forget them also telling me that they needed the crash logs from after the latest update to decide if it was still a software issue or if it was a hardware issue ?

So now they are back peddling and telling me that the crash logs can’t tell them whether its a hardware issue, but if it still keeps crashing its a hardware fault ?  and the only way to confirm this is to take it into an Apple Store and have it taken apart for them to test all the hardware to find the faulty part (if there is indeed a faulty part) and then pay for it to be repaired, unless it’s the iPad’s motherboard in which case they won’t repair it.

Mmm I have to pay them to see what’s faulty, then I have to pay them to repair the fault and then if its a bit they don’t want to replace I still have to pay them for the privilege . .  so for Apple its a win win win situation oh and maybe another win for good measure if I decide after forking out all that money for them to tell me they won’t repair it I then buy a new iPad . .

Well the fights not over, I will next be receiving a call from the Apple EMIA to discuss my options . . , this should be an interesting call