iOS8 Broke my iPad2 – Update No 11 Apple respond


Well low and behold after emailing every possible email address of Higher Ups at Apple I finally got a response on Saturday evening via telephone about my iPad2 and iOS8 issues, this time it was a woman who rang, not my regular EMIA.

She informed me that Apple were now going to tell me what Hardware had failed/was at fault, in my case apparently its a Memory Module, she then informed me that this could be repaired by Apple if I took it into an Apple store, now here’s the biggie, I asked how much this would cost :

She informed me it would be at a cost of £299, which I’m sure everyone will agree is a **** of a price to pay to have one part repaired on an iPad 2, well here’s the other biggie, they don’t actually repair and give you back your iPad 2, they swap it for a refurbished iPad 2, so you’re in effect buying/paying for another iPad 2, you’re not just paying for the one part that needs to be repaired.

So after this conversation I decided to visit the Apple Stores refurbished section where  it would seem that I am indeed in actually buying a refurbished iPad 2:

Here s 32gb WiFi-3G model they have for sale at £269 black-2nd-generation

Why would I want a refurbished iPad 2 when all that according to Apple needs replacing is a memory module . . again we are back at the broken car engine analogy :

Me to the Garage : So what’s wrong with my car then ?

Garage to me : Well its the pistons, they are cracked

Me to the Garage : So how much to repair them ?

Garage to me : Well its £2999 to repair it

Me to the Garage : £2999 to repair it, that’s expensive

Garage to me : Well we don’t actually repair it, we give you a reconditioned engine

Me to the Garage : So you don’t repair the part that’s broken in my engine, you just replace the engine

Garage to me : Yes that exactly the case, your bro

Me to the Garage : So you don’t repair the part that’s broken in my engine, you just replace the engine

Garage to me : Yes exactly

So let’s get this perfectly straight now, instead of me paying for the part that’s failed to be replaced, Apple instead want me to pay for/buy a refurbished iPad 2 ?

It seems that way doesn’t it . .

Now here’s another thought :

I originally paid about £500+ when I bought my iPad 2 64GB Wi-Fi 3G

Apple want me to pay £299 to get it repaired (they actually give me a refurbished iPad2)

If I pay the £299, Apple give me the refurbished iPad 2, take my iPad 2, no doubt repair it and then sell it to someone else as a refurbished iPad2 when they have a repair needed.


So now lets work out how much Apple will make off me if I go ahead and get the repair done :

£500 = For original iPad2

£299 = For repair of iPad2 (Well cost of a refurbished unit)

£299 = Price Apple then sell my old iPad 2 after they repair it and then sell it on as refurbished

Total = £1098+

So Apple seem to be on a winner here as long as no one complains about it or actually thinks about it, no wonder Apple shares are so expensive, everyone wants a piece of the Cash Cow Customers . . .

Another example of Apple making money off the back of customers . . . well I’m afraid to say this isn’t over, next step is to ask why they can not just repair one part and why I must have the whole unit replaced.