Movieprep is fucking disgusting

So on Sunday I had to prepare for a visit to the Hospital for my appointment with the Endoscopy Dept.

As part of the preparations I was required to drink 2 litres of a very potent laxative mixture called Movieprep and it’s probably the worst thing I’ve ever had to drink in my life, it has a sort of salt and sugar taste to it and after each small gulp of it all I wanted to do was throw it back up.

I’d read up on the stuff before hand about how people chill it, add other cordial flavours to it etc, they even recommend drinking it through a straw, none of which seemed to make it go down any better.

My solution was to have a cup of OXO beef to hand, every time I took a drink of the Movieprep it was closely followed by a mouthful of OXO, which I then gargled around my mouth until the taste of the Movieprep has disappeared, even so it still took me nearly 4hrs to drink the first 1ltr (they expect you to drink it in 2hrs).

During this prolonged torture, the Movieprep was doing it’s work and I was visiting the Porcelain throne about every 15-20 minutes, it all came to an end about midnight Sunday.

If drinking 1 ltr wasn’t enough I then had to wake up at 6am on the Monday and repeat the process as my appointment was at 10:40am, by 9:00am, three hours after starting on the second litre I’d only managed about 500ml of the sickening stuff and then I had to head off.

I won’t fill you in on the details of the camera and my bum, but thankfully all went well and the Movieprep had indeed prepped my bottom for the Movie they were about to make.

I will tell you that everything seemed clear up there and that they didn’t find anything untoward, but they took some biopsy’s just to be sure, I’ll get the result of those in a few days and hopefully they will be all clear too.

I suggest if anyone else has to have this stuff they drown if it at least a bottle of cordial and do like me have a very strong drink close by to mask the taste of this vile tasting stuff and I pray you manage to get it down quicker than me.